After seeing the WO for Week 4 of the IronPAXChallenge I knew it was going to be a B*$%H. Never the less several other PAX & myself committed ourselves to this challenge so we were going to see it through to completion. A more accurate name for the IronPAXChallenge would be “YouVsYouChallenge” or “YouVsTheClockChallenge” because that’s what every single WO was. Here’s how I would describe the WOs of the IronPAXChallenge:

  • Hard
  • Miserable
  • Challenging
  • Out of my comfort zone
  • Gratifying
  • Worth it

When I reflect on the F3 WOs I’ve posted at the ones I remember the most I’d describe like this. 

  • McAfee at the Silo when we started out with Dora, 150 Burpees.
  • Kilo’s 1-year Postversary at the Bridge when Bear Crawled from the fountains to the bridge.
  • McAfee at the Silo when we started out with Dora, 150 Burpees.
  • Huggies at the Bridge when we celebrated the 4th of July with the Army Physical Fitness Test.
  • The Convergence 1 year Anniversary of F3Louisville when Nugget, Glauc, Vincent, & OJ took turns dishing out a beating.

I’ve experienced countless other beat downs, but looking at my active calories from WOs these are some of the highest counts. I will now add all 4 of these WOs to that file in my memory bank. Moving on to who was there & what we did.


  1. Abacus
  2. Catfish
  3. Dunphy 
  4. Fergie
  5. Huggies 
  6. Nino (QIC)
  7. Pork Chop 
  8. Thumbtack

Weather: 73 degrees with 88% humidity

Gearlander: Black Nike tank, Grey patterned Nike Shorts, Green Bubbles Buff, & Grey Reebok’s with neon yellow laces

I gave the PAX the disclaimer that I am not a professional, each individual was there on their own free will, & to modify as needed. Hell, I didn’t even design the WO.


  • Stretch on your own & get ready.

That was it, this is a timed WO so it was time to get after it. I walked through the WO below demonstrating exercises & explaining expectations of each exercise. Each PAX was competing against the clock so I used an app called “Stopwatch” that allows you to start multiple times instantaneously & be stopped individually. As each PAX was ready they started their individual timer  as they completed the WO they stopped their individual timer capturing their time.

The Thang




Each PAX essentially completed the WO 45 minutes & by this time it was 0613. We returned the coupons & circled up.


  • COR
  • NOR
  • Announcements
    • There is a Blood Drive taking place at St. Als, look for the details on Slack.
    • 2rdF opportunity tonight at 7:00 at Rootie’s Sports Bar & Grille on Westport Rd.
  • Intentions 🙏🏼
    • Abacus’s M who has 3 more rounds of treatment.
    • Kilo’s M who is recovering from an appendectomy.
    • Vince #InVINCIBLE.
    • Meter Maid’s father-in-law.

With that I thanked the SkyQ, asked he hear our prayers both spoken & unspoken. I let these HIMs know I was proud of them for taking on this difficult challenge.

Nino out.

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