⭐️👶’s Carpenter Back Blast

Star Child’s Day Late BB-

With a long weekend behind us, I honestly didn’t feel like working out on Tuesday morning. But I looked at the calendar Labor Day evening to see that I had signed up to Q at the Carpenter. I’m glad I push myself to workout I suppose, but I was exhausted from a White Claw weekend. So I made this Q up on the fly. It was also great to have an FNG show up, Bitcoin (he trades currency, and NOT BITCOIN, so Bitcoin it is!)

Temp: hot

Humidity: you had to chew the air to breathe.

PAX- Star Child (Q), CI, Ant Man, Flo Jo, Zartan, Bitcoin (FNG), Face, Trump, and Sweatshop

COT- Mosey to Zoo parking mixed in with high knees and butt kicks. Then my signature COP

  • 100 SSH💅🏻
  • 20 CDDs
  • 10 Merkins with a long pause in low point
  • 20 Abe Vagodas

Thang 1- hill right of the parking lot

  • 11’s with burpees and squats, with a Bernie Sanders up the hill (somewhere around this time, Bitcoin thought he could name something. Z tried to be kind, but then I said: “hey FNG, you gotta get a name to give a name”. He laughed, thankfully.

Thang 2- parking lot

  • Split into three groups, and did this twice
  • 1- building sprints then relieve 2
  • 2- incline merkins then move to 3
  • 3- dips and move to 1

COT- prayers off to the Albright family for strength that their son will recover soon after being swept away in the storm over the weekend. This gave us all perspective to appreciate what we have.

It was a hell of a way to start a short, busy week. Thanks to all that came!

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