My VQ was long overdue having posted for the first time over Spring Break. I wanted to be sure I felt comfortable, but I continued to watch other #HIM step up time after time to lead, sometimes several times weekly and knew it was my time to put the principles of F3 in motion and get into the rotation. I had been told there would probably be some hiccups, and that it was likely I would sleep very little the night before. This turned out to be accurate. The PAX were supportive and patient and for that I am grateful.

I wanted to include a few things that I don’t particularly enjoy, (bearcrawls and running); and in the case of PEOPLE and Things I don’t particularly enjoy…Bobby Hurleys 🙂 We were off and running

PAX:  Jitterbug (Q), Glauc, Forced Close (R), Double Down (R), Iceman (R), Macafee, Bob Ross, Pew Pew, Nice & Slow, Methane, Valdez, Mama’s Boy, Gypsy, Big Bird, Perrier, Huggies, Alexa, Mayberry, Retainer

COP: 20 SSH  (IC), 20 Imperial Walkers (IC) , (20?) Grass Grabbers (IC); Plank Stretch, 5 Boyos, Combination 5 Merkins, 10 Mountain Climbers, 5 Merkins (IC). Mosey to the Bridge

Thang 1: After I finally figured out how to split the group in 2 we did the following:

The 2 groups alternated the following:

Bear Crawl up the Bridge, Crawl Bear Down…Then AMRAP Boyo’s

Bear Crawl up the Bridge, Crab Walk Down, (this was unpopular)….Then AMRAP Mountain Climbers

Bearcrawl up the Bridge, Lunge Walk Down…Then AMRAP Bobby Hurleys

Thang 2:  Two lines of an Indian Run from the bottom of the Bridge, around the Egg Lawn and back to the meeting point for Mary

Mary;  LBC’s , Flutter Kicks, Big Boys, More Planking

COR; then NOR including the 6, who was ICEMAN, whom Im still convinced somehow got to name himself.

Announcements included Iceman and Abacus co Q Black Ops at the Big 4 Bridge on Saturday; I updated the group on our efforts at the Homeless Outreach, A group of PAX will go and serve meals on September 18th. Check out 3nd F for more details.

Intentions were for Mama’s Boy’s Grandmother who had open heart surgery today; also for my mother law who is recovering from surgery related to a recent Cancer diagnosis, and has had some complications.   Also notably for a young man whose family I have know for some time named Davey Albright. Now a sophomore at Trinity he remains hospitalized and on a ventilator after a near drowning incident late last week. Please keep this young man and his family in your prayers.

We offered up these intentions and I spoke of my good fortune at being part of this group. So many of us deal with real adversity from time to time, but in the absence of that as leaders of our families there are those small struggles and worries. A child who is struggling to find their place or difficulty in school; difficulties at work, etc. F3 gives me the strength face these challenges and much needed perspective. Again thanks to the PAX for lifting me up today

Jitterbug Out





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