9/15 The Hurt BackBlast

Pax: Digiorno, Soft Top, Flipper, Wham!, Cornbread, Tiger, WhamO, Tanner, Zartan, Noxema Jackson, Drysdale, Sumppump, Blueprint, Left Eye, Glen Ross  Q

Conditions: 70- going to miss this weather in about 2 months.

Gear: signature Q tank

knocking this BB out while waiting for 2.0 football game to get started.  Keeping it short- here goes

Got to the Mutt early with Flipper to set up.  Also wanted to ask Cornbread if he would help with some stretching.  7:00- gave the disclaimer and off for short mosey around school to portico for warm up:

10 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Lunges, 10 Peter Parkers.  Next pass over to Cornbread for 2 minutes of stretching- thanks for helping out Cornbread.

Thang1:  So I went to CI’s death run in August and loved the workout.  It was hard, but also had some good 2nd F.  So I decided afterwards to steal it, and modify and bring over to the Mutt.  He printed color maps,  mine were black and white- with highlighted spots for BLIMPS run.  So  6 spots spread over a little over 1/2 mile.  Broke into 3 groups.  Group one starts at B, Group 2 starts at I and Group 3 starts at P.  Round one was 25x at each location.  Round 2 was 20x.  This took about 30 minutes and no time for round 3.

Thang2:  Rocky Tabada in the prayer garden.  Round 1 would be 6 different exercises.  LBCs, Merkins, Bobby Hurley’s, Squats, Lunges, Burpees.  Round 2 was Big Boys, T Merkins, Prisoner Jump Squats, Gorilla Squats, Big Bird Lunges, Burpees.

The plan was to do this one more cycle but ran out of time.  Looking back at BackBlast for The Hurt and realized we haven’t played burpee football since last April.  So some of the newer guys have never played.  On my first Saturday out last year we carved out 15 minutes and I loved it.  So, we counted off into 1’s and 2’s- of course we had 2 more 1’s than 2’s but counting off is often the hardest thing that we do.  Burpee football was great.  Wham! made comment how good the teams were- not many drops.  A few great highlights…..Zartan made a TD grab that looked like Gronk, Digiorno fully extended finger tip catch aka Odell Beckham Jr. Needless to say  I like our chances in a game against the B3 boys.

Ended 60 seconds of gas pumps- right at 8

Anouncements, intentions and closed with prayer from Cornbread



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