Bag of Wrenches Pre-Blast – 9/25/18

Like many of you this weekend, YHC watched intensely as Candidate 011 got pummeled for 48+ hours by 7 cadres, all with Special Forces backgrounds, at GoRuck Selection 020.  What the human body is capable of physically was an amazing thing to see.  More fascinating though, was watching him tune out everything mentally. No matter what they threw at him he was going to get right back up and do it.  Afterward, once he DID complete the mission, Candidate 011 made a comment that stuck with me.  He said he’s just learned to see all of the outside chaos around him and realize most of it is BS and ignore it.  That’s easier said than done,  obviously, but there’s a lot to take away from that.

There’s a pretty good chance of rain tomorrow morning, so it’s going to be up to you what you’re willing to do to get better.  You’re probably going to get wet and it’s probably going to suck for a while but by 6:15am you’re going to be better for it.  Bring a towel or an extra shirt for the car ride home.  Please don’t let the reason you don’t post somewhere tomorrow be the rain outside or the 30 min of sleep you didn’t get because your 2.0 woke you up in the middle of the night.  Set your mind to it that come hell or high water (literally) you’re going to wake up tomorrow and get after it.

Also click the link above or check out their Facebook page to see some insane photos.  I didn’t want to embed them without their permission since they’re special forces guys they could probably find me.


Red Roof

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