BB 09/22 The Max @ Bayside BB 09/24 The Incubator @ Poshieland

It was a late call to step up and Q 09/22 @ bayside; however, when Banana Bread could not come up with a Q, I decided as AO Q to step to the plate..

09/22  The Max

Q: Glauc  PAX: Banana Bread, Gilly, Birdie, Charlois, Mr. Bubbles, Sparky

Mosey to the rear of school ( football field for warm up )

COT :  30 SSH , Plank Stretching, Hamstring Hold,  30 Hillbillies, plank stretching

Thang 1:

Played through songs :  “Lose Yourself” Eminem  and “Feel it Still” Portugal

With 25 Lb coupons.  12 curls, 12 merkins, 12 overhead thrusters ( essentially air squat with overhead press) bernie sanders to the 50 yard line, run back to goal line.  Rinse/ repeat entire song.. Roughly 9 minutes

Thang 2:

Roll the di…    had a L,R,C game modified dice

First Roll, The number

Star = 5  Right = 10 Left = 15 Center (Green) = 20  White = 25  Center = 30

Second roll, The Thang  (2 ends of the 100 yards , the one end having coupons)

(non coupon end)  Star = burpee  Right = Merkins Left = LBC (did x 2 of the number) Right = mountain climbers Center (green) = ???  White= Courtsey lunges   Center = air squats

(Coupon end, all with coupon)  Star = Curls Right = thursters (as above) Left = Rows Center (G) = merkins over coupons  White = ???   Center = Flutter kicks (hold coup in the air did x 2 of the number)

We ran to the opposite end after every exercise

Overall, the PAX were really good rollers, which essentially meant quicker run cycles .  I was a little disappointed we only rolled burpees once and it was a 5.  All in all, I modified a little to get a bit more of a punch to the pax.  They were up for it..

Mosey back to flag.  COT


09/24/18 : The Incubator

Q: Glauc   PAX:  Fanny Pack , Kilo, Bob Ross, Double down, Piggy, Pew Pew, Thumbtack, Worm, Sadie, Maxi, Uncle Rico, Dry Rub

I’ll never forget the first time Bob Ross took us over the the “Honey Hole” IE under the 64 overpass where we discovered the amazing rock pile.  Instantly, I loved it.. Along with coupons, it can add such a dimension to a workout adding some weight.  With that, the rocks can go really heavy or really light.  With that, I was expecting a down pour, so the coverage from the rain under 64 was going to be nice. (Turns out it did not rain until the mosey back to the gazebo)

Mosey to bridge

COP:  20 SSH (IC), Plank Stretching, 20 SSH, Plank Stretching..

The Thang (s)

Jack Webbs:  1:4 ratio Merkins (1)  to Shoulder Press (4)  to 10:40

Six minute ab work with coupon/ rock (did each for one minute)

Ace / Gary, Ace / Gary (switch partner), Flutter kicks (holding coupon), elbow plank hold, LBC (with coupon), Alt. Leg V up’s (with coupon)     I heard some grunting.. it was tough

1:4 Ratio (with coupon/rock)  Copperhead squat (1) to Anton Ono’s (4)  to 10:40

Mosey to the gazebo

1:4 Ratio    Merkin (1) to Mountain Climbers (4)  to 10:40 .. With breaks after 5 , after 7,  after 8 and after 9.. This is tough… I think tougher than merkins/ shoulder taps + it does not help losing footing while doing the mountain climbers

Finisher (1 min, interval)  :  repeat Ace/Garys with partner , switch,  LBC’s

Back to flag

COT:  Kilo announced information on Growlock

Intentions, Prayer….

Glauc OUT!!!




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