Rooster 10/9 Backblast

Great group on a warm October day with 18 PAX.  PED (Q), Glen Ross, Deuce, Sump Pump, Old Bay, Mouth, Wham-O, Tiger, Blueprint, Waterboy, Pepperoni, Mary Poppins, Left Eye, Sprinkler, Larry Flynt, Beano, Plumb Bob, Windshield.  Majority wore orange in honor of Darth. With everything going on at HT and F3 go home and hug the ones you love.

Started with a mozey to the large parking lot for some stretching and warm up.  Started with grass grabbers (15-IC), touch your toes, downward dog, SSH (20-IC).  Enough warm up and went to the coupon garden.

Everyone did a downward plank on the coupon garden wall and held for about 30 sec. Did 5/6 derkins and held the downward plank for another 30 sec or so.  Just to get the core a little warmed up for what was to come.

Everyone grabbed a coupon.  Started with 20 curls (SC) after which we walked the path with coupon above our head stopping 4 times alternating between 20 single count rows and 20 single count curls. Never putting down the coupon.

At the corner of Leland and Cherrywood we dropped the coupons on the sidewalk and mozied down the hill at Ormond.  At the bottom did 10 BOYO’s and mozied up the hill to the coupons for 20 coupon squats.  Rinse and repeated once.

Coupons back above the head and walked to the portico.  Circled up for a derkin time bomb. Ouch!  Was “nice” and only went to seven.  Don’t know what was worse the derkin or holding downward plank.

Circled up for a Jack Webb of American hammers with a coupon and rosalita’s.  Did the full 10-40.

Put the coupons back and circled up for announcements and intentions.


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