BackBlast – BlackOps Sawyer 10/16/18 Abacus Q

The County’s growth has been remarkable. The site averages nearly 25 PAX per workout (weekdays). Airplane and I have looked for other suitable AO’s in the OC, but no luck. Enter Sawyer Park…We heard, it’s too dark. Well the parking lot is well lit. Our eyes adjusted as we ran around the fitness trail as well. There was a PT circuit next to the trail. Airplane put it best, this like the O and County had a baby.

Online recon last night to prepare for the site I’d only seen in daylight. Arrived a few minutes early but stayed in the warmth of the car. Planted flag at 5:27 and issued disclaimer. Then we were off for a warm-up around the well lit parking lot. Did I mention it was lit? Well it was.

Since there were 4 PAX we squared up. A square equals 360 degrees so maybe we circled…bunch of SSH, Mountain Climbers, Squats, T-Merkins, and BOYOs.

Mosey to the fitness trail to take a lap around. Passed the PT circuit. Mental note to come back here.

AFter lap we checked out the circuit and each took a station.

AMRAP – pull-ups, incline merkins, and step ups while one PAX did 15 Big Boy Sit-ups.

Moseyed back to flag for MARY. 50 flutter kicks I/C, 25 rosellitas, 30 LBCs, Plank and Downward dog.

COT and giving thanks to SkY Q we were out.

PAX- Fergie, Airplane, Pork Chop, Abacus Q

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