10/22 Backblast The Posh #theIncubator

Threw this one on the calendar long ago thinking why I hadn’t yet Q’ed at the Posh.  Probably posted out there a dozen or so times over the last year and felt like I owed them a Q.  This has since become Q school week led by all the site Q’s.  With plenty of new guys in the mix as of late, this was good to get back to the basics on why we do what we do and how we do it.

Q – OJ

Pedals (R), Bob Ross, Forced Close (R), Dry Rub, Maxi, Snowman, Pew Pew, Huggies, Dynomite, Deep Dish (FNG), Nino, Nice and Slow, Ladybird (R), Hot Wheels

Conditions: A brisk 35 degrees

Disclaimer was given

Short mosey to one of the side parking lots


Told the PAX the importance of proper cadence and counting.  Keeps everyone together and uniform.  Also mentioned that our form should all be in sync when doing exercises such as SSHs.  I continue to see guys with their hands down when mine are up and vice versa.  We need to strive to all be on the same page with form, especially counting in cadence.

20 SSHs IC

20 Abe Vigotas IC

Took a brief break here to reiterate the 5 core principles

1 Workouts are free of charge

2 Are open to all men

3 Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold

4 Let by men in rotating fashion

5 Ends with a Circle of Trust

20 Copperhead Squats

When in Rome…

Thang 1

We took off on a long Native American run around the egg lawn where the person in the back would do 1 burpee and sprint to the front.

Kept this at a good pace for a bit until I noticed the six falling a little too far back.  Audible – OMAHA OMAHA.  I told the PAX to stop and circle up.

What better way to catch your breath after running than with a little circle burp name session.  I knew most of the guys here but there were a few I needed to make sure of on their names.

Each PAX would give their F3 name and we went around the entire circle.  15 burpees.  OK – back to the run to the bridge.

Thang 2

11’s at the bridge

At the bottom of the hill PAX started with 1 merkin, run to the top for 10 groiners.  Back down for 2 merkins, up and 9 groiners, etc.  Rinse/repeat until 1 groiner and 10 merkins completed.  At one point here Bob Ross asked me where I was and I said 7 and 4’s.  He said he was on 9 and 2’s.  Wait someone may have miscounted.  Probably me.  The lack of blood flow to the head can cause math inconsistencies during said exercises.  I digress…

Mosey back to the lodge for some Mary.

Talked to the PAX a brief bit on free to lead but the typical F3 workout would start with a COP, throw in some stuff in the middle, and usually end with some Mary to finish it off.

20 Right leg flutters IC

20 Left leg flutters IC

Stopped to talk about Slack and the need to have a presence on it.  There were a couple of PAX that weren’t yet on and I promised them I’d get them signed up.

Slack contains everything you need to know about F3 Louisville.  Workouts, who’s leading, where,  what times, prayer intentions, 2nd and 3rd F stuff, and any other general information.

Also talked here about the importance on trying to hit other Louisville F3 sites.  It was good for me to get to the Posh today and Q as I’m normally an O guy.

20 Box Cutters IC

20 Rosalitas IC

20 Elbow Plank Up Downs IC (I’m not calling them MAKTAR INJAIES – dumb)

20 Dying Cockroaches IC


We welcomed Deep Dish and mentioned the convergence this weekend.  Really looking forward to it.  Convergences are a lot of fun.

I took us out with prayers to the Good Lord above, thanking HIM for this group.


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