BackBlast- The Tank at Vets- 12/5/18

We had a great morning at the Tank.

Weather conditions- snow showers with a brisk north wind

Gear- warmest clothes you got.. headlamp and gloves

Workout- beatdown and cold

PAX- OTSS.. only the strongest survive..

Hotwheels, Drysdale, Glaucoma, Worm, Kilo, Tony Malito, PK, Shuttlecock(R), Sadie (Q)

9 HIMs showed and grinded through the weather to get better.

COP: 25 SSH, 25 Imperial Walkers, 20 Grass Grabbers.. All IC.. finished with plank stretching.

Mosey: down to the river and through the woods.. literally.. but we didn’t end at grandmas house..

THANG 1: Finished mosey at basketball courts. Wanted to keep the momentum going for Double Down. What better way than ace of spades, black jack, 21!

Start under goal. Run to other goal line on opposite side. 1 Merkin/20LBC’s. Run back, 2 Merkins/19LBC’s… run back 3 Merkins/18LBCs.. on and on until we reached 21 Merkins.. Blackjack!

Mosey to front parking lot for partner work.

THANG 2: Partner 1- AMRAP Squats, Straight Lunges, Curtsey Lunges. Partner 2- Bernie Sanders to end point and run back. Repeat until each partner completed each AMRAP excercise twice.

Rinse and repeat. Partner 1- same AMRAP. Partner 2- run.. half way through run 4 jump lunges.. continue to end point 4 jump lunges.. run back.. Repeat until each partner completed AMRAP excercise twice..

Mosey to flag for Mary. With about 5 minutes left we banged out rapid sets.

Mary- 30 Flutter Kicks (IC), 25 LBC’s (IC), 25 RT Leg LBCs (IC), 25 LT Leg LBC’s (IC), 25 Both Feet On Ground LBCs (IC).

COT- Name o Rama, Count o Rama.. we spoke a few words about what F3 means and what it stands for and the support it provides locally and nationwide amongst PAX. We closed in prayer praying for the spoken intentions we heard, and those that were unspoken. We were thankful for this group and how much it means to each of us. We were thankful for our health and ability to be up this morning and complete this workout.

I really enjoyed leading a great group of HIMs this morning.  Each time I have the opportunity to Q a workout, I’m always amazed at the resilientcy and strength of PAX and the passion this group brings with it.

We all wanted to fartsack this cold and snowy Wednesday morning. It would have been so easy to do so.

Thank you to the group that gutted it out and showed up to get better I appreciate you and look forward to next time! AYE!!!


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