BB: 12/14 Tha Choppa..#callmekilo

Always up for helping a brother out, so when F3 Q king himself asks to take his spot on friday, I happily accepted.  Love Veterans park.  A lot of good F3 options.. And to start and end workouts infront of the Memorial / Seal is perfect.

Q: Glauc

PAX: Kilo, Nino, weedwacker, hot wheels, storm a troopa, digiorno, buusssccchhh, drysdale, shuttlecock, valdez, fungi, closer (fng), PK, The dealer for the peps, Sadie, Huggies, Launch Pad, Tool Time, Alexa, Meatball, worm, amelia

A short mosey out and back to begin with COP @ the entrance..

25 SSH (IC),  Plank Stretching (heard a few moans on this one), 15 Hillbilly walkers (IC), Plank stretching..

Mosey to large parking lot @ community center..

I decided to do a sequence similar to what I did @ the N. Posh and what I’ve done in the past at bayside… This workout can handle a lot of people, gets the heart rate up and works about every part of your body..

The Thangs

  1. Pentatonix ” Little Drummer Boy”  P1/P2 start 50 yards (ish) apart from each other, mosey to the middle, 8 booya merkins, bernie sanders back, 2 burpees, repeat the entire song
  2. 1 minute intervals;   1) Ace/ Garys (1 partner does big boi’s, the other holds ankles in plank) 2) swithc partners  3) flutter kicks
  3. Lauren Daigle ” O come O ye faithful”   same start as above, mosey to middle , 6 jump squats (partner coordination, kilo, nice work) , bernie back, 2 (total) bonnie blairs, repeat entire song
  4. 30 second intervals:   1) elbow plank 2) merkins 3) supermans 4) side plank 5) same side Jane fondas  4) side plank (other side) 5) same side Jane fonda 6) unilateral Saturday or weekly or monthly or quarterly nights (whaevs you want to call them) 7) other leg  xxxxx nights…. I’d like to add that things got a little lovey  here.. There was frequent mentioning of wanting to look into the dealer for the people’s eyes while doing jane fondas.. I think kilo then mentioned.. “does your  M ever call you by your F3 name?”… Hence #callmekilo became the call phrase of the day.. @nathangilmore13 practices his Jane Fonda’s Fo sho, a thing o beauty.. There was a lot of other funny mumblechatter happening.. I just can’t remember it all..
  5. Lauren Daigle “have yourself a merry little christmas”  same start as above, mosey to middle, 10 booyaplanks, bernie sanders back, 1 burpee, repeat entire song.

Mosey back to the “Seal”

30 second intervals (same as above on #4) ; however, added in shoulder taps after Merkins..

Props to the Closer (FNG) for coming out… Got his name because of a solid pass out on his wife during their wedding night..

Many thanks to all for coming out.  Great to see @f3digiorno @buschhhhh.. Buusscchhh, I hope you got some kind of workout in..

Honored to lead you fine men!

Glauc OUt!

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