Black Ops @ the “O” with Jack Webb. 12/17/18

4 PAX members showed up and showed out for a Monday AM beatdown to shake off the weekend Holiday Party hang over.  Tron, Trump, DiGiorno and Plumb Bob made it to the gloom for a Vincent special.

We started with a mosey around to the tennis courts for some warm-up COP.  Grass grabbers, SSH’s, Merkins, Kendra Newman’s and some stretching got us ready for the show.

Thang 1 – mosey to the school parking lot for a burpee, merkin,  plank Jack Webb.  We completed a 10 set series of 1-4 ratio merkins and plank jacks.  Each series was completed with a burpee. We stared each in the standing position, dropped for Merkins/Plan Jacks and finished with a clap to make it official.

Thang 2 – run to the far end of the Seneca loop for a Vincent version of LT. Dan Webb’s.  Lunges (each leg was a 1/2) followed by Side Straddle Squat Jacks.  We hit 9-36 and YHC felt like the groups quads were sufficiently on fire.

Thang 3 – run back to the school lot for the final two Jack Webb series.  Merkins with  shoulder taps in a 1-4 ratio and finally,  Davinci’s and LBC’s wrapped up the morning.

Finished with announcements and COT.  Until next time, SYITG.  Vincent.

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