BB: Beastmode @ the Silo 12/17/18

Glauc Q

PAX:  Catfish, Sadie, Abacus

North Posh always brings the pain… Mainly due to the fact that as soon as you leave the parking lot you have to go downhill.. then, of course, you have to get back to it going uphill.  No other AO in Louisville has the long uphill climb that the Silo can offer.  It’s always a good time.

I tried to make this post modifiable yet still challenging.

Mosey to shelbyville road, then back


25 SSH (IC) , Plank stretching into twerkins,  15 Hillbilly walkers (IC), Plank stretching into twerkins

Had 3 sets of coupons   1) Big boy cinder block (BB)  2) 8 -12 lb rock (R)  3) Brick mini pavers / mini coupons (MC)

Thang 1 – Core

The following were in 1 min intervals…

1) Ace / Gary ;  Partner 1 Big boi’s with rock (R) : P2 hold plank while holding partner ankles 2) switch partners  3) LBC with R  4)alternating leg pullovers with R  5) reverse crunch..  Wanted to step up my normal ab work.. the Rocks did just the trick

mosey to shelbyville Road and back ( with a 40 yard up hill AYG) in the middle going back up the hill

Thang 2 –  core/ upper body

The following were in 30 sec intervals

1) merkins 2) merkins rows with MC 3) Merkin rows with MC 4) curls with BB  5) front raise with BB or R 6) bent over row with BB     .. repeated this sequence through one more time.

Same mosey as above with an AYG in there

Thang 3 – lower body

1 minute intervals

1) unilateral leg squats (MC optional) 2) switch legs  3) sumo squat with R 4) courtesy lunge with upright row  (holding MC) 5) saturday nights (with rock on waist)

Mosey as above with an AYG in the middle.

COT: announcements/ intentions…

Glauc OUT!


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