12/22 The Hurt @ The Mutt, Sleepy Grinder Q

I remember after our capture the flag ruck being in awe of how Backdraft managed to do the ruck then Q the next morning. I remember thinking that was pretty bad-ass and that I’d like to say I had done that at some point. Well, this weekend I got my chance and, despite some soreness this morning and the need to take a two-hour nap yesterday, it was awesome to challenge myself and make it through. I’m glad I did it.

Thank you to the PAX that come out and especially to the Southern Indiana contingent that came over. I have to admit I’m pretty bad at recognizing people in different settings (ask PewPew, who I have posted with at least a dozen times at Norton Commons but didn’t recognize when I saw him in the lights at the Mutt before the ruck Friday night) and with my added drowsiness, I was really on auto-pilot Saturday morning. It wasn’t until the sun started coming up that I realized LEGO, April, and Puddin’ were three of my PAX, and that combined with me and Plumb Bob, the WO was almost half Hoosiers. It means a lot to me that you guys came over and I promise to be more on-the-ball next time.


Windshield, LEGO, Blueprint, Deuce, Noxeema Jackson(FNG – Welcome!), Puddin'(Respect), Snowman, Plumb Bob, April(Respect), Grinder(Q)

We did a bit of a slow and extended COP to warm up – the usual Grinder faire with lots of stretching and loosing of glutes, hammies and hips. Next it was off on a Scout Run down Leland, St Matts Ave, then back up Elmwood. The lead runner would do two burpees before failing back to the rear of the line.

Once back at the school, I introduced the PAX to 3 11’s. Just like the band, this series of exercises was pretty terrible. First set of 11’s – 10 Burpees/1 Copperhead Squat with Bearcrawls out to first cone and Crabwalks back. The Q gave everyone a Christmas present when I let everyone jump ahead one series of reps halfway through…I think that may have been right after I asked Deuce if it was bad form for the Q to spill merlot at his own WO (I didn’t btw. I was close, but I didn’t spew). By the second set of 11’s, I knew we wouldn’t have enough time to complete all sets, so 11’s became 7’s in the interest of time. Set two was Bobby Hurleys/Plank Jacks(IC) with lunge walks out to second cone and Bernie Sanders back. Last set was Merkins/SSHs(IC) with AYG runs out to third cone and back.

After this we only had a few minutes left for Mary, so I had every Mutt guy pair up with a Southern Indiana guy for some 2nd F as we did a slow mosey to the lot closer to the flag. Once there, we did LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Big Boys, Pretzel Crunches, E2Ks, Freddie Mercuries, V-ups (did we really do those or did I just plan to do them?) and then spelled ‘Merry Christmas’ with our legs.

Everyone back to the flag with a few announcements and a lot of thanks given.  I reminisced some on the sad clown I used to be and how happy I was to be with my F3 brothers that morning, then we headed our separate ways to crush the weekend, or in my case, take a nap. Humbled as always to be a part of this.

Grinder out!

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