BackBlast – #theNest @theCounty 12/22/18 Abacus Q

In full disclosure, YHC provided a highly descriptive PreBlast…”I love burpees”. Therefore, all PAX were equally notified of the meat grinder of the gloom.

5 PAX (Ameila, Jolly Rancher, Big Bird, Valdez, Abacus Q) rolled into the gloom, which was an unseasonable 35 degrees and overcast (not unseasonable for KY).

YHC provided the disclaimer and final chance for guys to bail. To anyone who doubts peer pressure is real only had to be ITG to see how the PAX quickly feel in line.

Quick mosey around the school and Church. Straight into the


Burpees – 10 EMOM

Mosey around school and Church.


DORA – Partner up (100 burpees, 200 sumo squats, 300 LBCs) P1 works and P2 runs


Mosey to the caboose for Abacus Webb (1 step-up / 4 dips) until we hit 10 X 40 BOOM!


Mosey back to flag for more burpees

6 burpees in 20 seconds / 20 seconds rest rinse and repeat for 6 minutes.

Total burpees 1,000!

COT – Thanks to the Sky Q for bringing us all together!


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