BackBlast for CSAUP Activity at The O 12/28/18

PAX: Catfish, Violet, Diablo

Conditions: 60 degrees; light rain; wet

What we did:

I saw this CSAUP thing on Twitter a few weeks ago, posted by PAX from another F3 group. I honestly can’t remember who first threw it out there. I immediately thought, “If others can do it, why not us?”, and sort of took it as a personal challenge. I threw it out to the F3 Louisville PAX, but purposefully did not put it on our event calendar. I didn’t think this was for a FNG to tackle.

Two of our finest joined me, Catfish and Violet. Catfish put on a show. He could have showered and dressed while waiting on me to finish. As we’ve recently learned, Violet is a HIM, and doesn’t back away from anything. If a cadre was watching us, they’d have loved him and his form, while probably giving me heck for continuously breaking standard. (You mean you want me to jump after those burpees?)

We all finished, and are better for it. It will be one to remember, and I’m very thankful for Catfish and Violet for joining me for this nonsense.

I may run this one back in the summer when more are in town and not busy with the holidays.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


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