Diablo #BackBlast from #TheExtender at TheMutt 1/17/19

Q: Diablo

PAX: Busch, Deuce, Pope, Pepperoni, Glen Ross, Sump Pump, Geppetto, Patchwork, Larry Flynt, Tiger, Snowman, Aerobie, Sherpa, Wham-O, Zima, Diablo

We didn’t screw around much this morning. So I won’t screw around too much here. I wanted the PAX to do some pull-ups, and I wanted the PAX to find core muscles they didn’t know they had. Here’s how we did that this morning:

PAX ran around the school to the main lot for:

SSHs (20 IC)

Groiners (10 IC)

Enough of that this morning. We were warm and had a lot to do.

PAX ran long way to the playground and partnered up for:

Partner 1 performs 20 squats, 30 LBCs, 10 Bobby Hurley’s.

Partner 2 AMRAP pull ups.

Switch when Partner 1 is finished. Rinse & Repeat

Pull-ups are brutally fun.

PAX then ran long way to the coupon sanctuary. All grabbed a coupon. Same partners for:

Partner 1 20 Coupon step ups

Partner 2 AMRAP Dips


Partner 1 50 Coupon curls.

Partner 2 holds Plank.


Partner 1 20 Coupon step-back lunges.

Partner 2 AMRAP Flutter Kicks.


PAX then ran up to the lot and broke into two 8 man groups for a very quick Native American run around the school.

It was then back to Coupon sanctuary.

I then introduced the PAX to Captain Thor.

Captain Thor is 1 Big Boy sit up to 4 American Hammers, in ratio up to 10:40. Essentially Jack Webb, but with Big Boys & American Hammers.

That was awesome. The PAX crushed it. So they earned more. We thus finished with:

FlutterKicks with Coupon (20 IC)

V Ups with Coupon (10)

LBCs (20 IC)

PAX returned coupons and ran back to where the flag normally stands. (?)

COT, NOR, and announcements followed; we said happy birthday to Pope; and, I asked the Sky Q for guidance through the day for the PAX.


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