BackBlast – 2/7/19 #Bayside Abacus Q

rain drops

Peering into the gloom all I saw and heard were raindrops falling. However, the Sky Q was smiling down as the rain pushed out just before the Bayside beatdown.

PAX – FannyPack (R), Shuttle Cock (R), Glauc, Birdie, Gilly, Banana Bread, Charlia (R), Tony Five (spelling), Sadie, Abacus Q

Quick mosey to the front of Bayside for COT

SSH, Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Kendra Newmans

Mosey to back parking lot for a modified ladder


You v You

PAX line up on goal line run 10 yards and run back in suicide fashion. once back at goal line 5 burpees. Repeat by going to 20 yard line and back and 10 burpees. Keep repeating until get to 25 burpees and then come back down while running further each time.

Rinse and repeato but replace burpees with squats (butt to ground).

Mosey to flag.

Gave thanks to the Sky Q and asked for blessings over Glauc’s family as his grandparents fight hard for improved health and comfort in their days.

Always love coming out to Bayside. Amazing the growth in less than 1 year! Great work PAX!

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