BB 2/12 Rooster at the Mutt

T-Claps to Wham-O, Blueprint, Plumb Bob, Sherpa, Messy, Pepperoni, Escort, Meter Maid, Fridge, and Tiger. These HIMs ran and crawled through standing water, enduring a cold and constant downpour for forty-five minutes this morning while working their tails off. We started with a quick warm-up, then took a Scout Run with bonus Burpees through the neighborhood. Once back at the school, we broke into groups and made three laps around the school which included the following: Merkins, Sprints, Copperhead Squats, Bear Crawls, Bobby Hurley’s, Lunge Walks, SSHs, Broad Jump Burpees, LBCs, Bernie Sanders, Mountain Climbers, Mario’s, Pull-ups and Crabwalks. We kept moving the whole time, and even though I was the ‘leader’, I only made it through this morning with the motivation of my brothers, most notably Fridge and Tiger. If you haven’t worked out with these two, you are missing out. They ALWAYS have my back in the Gloom and push me to be my best, even when I’m at my worst. They never give up on me and remind me to not be so hard on myself. I love them for that.

Grinder (Q) out.

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