2/19 County Backblast – Alexa gave ’em Jelly Legs

“Alexa, what did you do for your last Q?”

Ok. Here’s what happened:

These HIM’s showed up: Amelia, Viking, Gilligan, Ashley, Crock Pot, Uncle Rico, Cochran, Mama’s Boy, Jolly Rancher, Kimble, Valdez, Big Bird, Meter Maid, Pew Pew, Wild Flower, Bulletin (R), Red Wagon, Alexa (QIC)

The weather was cold but dry.

The COP workouts were: SSH, Imperial Kickers, Hillbilly Squats, Leg/Calf Stretch

The theme for The Thang: was “Jelly Legs”

The idea was simple: 2 stations were set up around the school. Each station had 4 exercises. Each man would make a circuit around the building doing the exercises and then repeat until time ran out.

The exercises at Station 1 were: Box Jumps x 15, Suicide Squats x10, 1-Leg Calf Raise x15, Mountain Climbers x15.

After completing, the fellas needed Lunge Walk/Bernie/Bear Crawl up the hill to get to station 2.

At Station 2, the workouts were: Ballerina Squats x15, Side Lunges x10, Prisoner Get Up x15, Groiners x15

Immediately after finishing everyone sprinted GOT across the upper lot to the front of the Chapel, before moseying around to the back (to get a bit of a break)

Once back to Station 1, the whole thing started over again.

With just a few minutes left, everyone circled up, got on their six and suffered through Guantanamo.

Once getting out of GTMO, it was time for COT. The everyone got closer. Thanks were given. Intentions were offered. Then everyone headed out ready to tackle the day.

“Alexa, STOP!”

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