Backblast 3.22.19 @ Pleasantville

I am gaining more confidence with each Q. Today I had the pleasure of leading 9 HIMs. It was good to see Pope, who even at 80% can still run circles around us.

PAX: Bulletin (R), Pope, Uncle Rico, Cowboy, Viking (minus his beard), Fridge, Mama’s Boy, Grinder and Meter Maid (QIC).

Started with a disclaimer and then we did last man up mosey to Norton Common’s school. We circled up for some COP.

Grass Grabbers IC

Mountain Climbers IC

Abe Vigoda IC

Various Runner’s Stretches


I placed four cones on the corners of the soccer field. The first lap we lunge walked between them and the second lap we bear crawled.

1st Lap

Cone 1 50 Merkins

Cone 2 50 Squats

Cone 3 50 Jump Lunges (single count)

Cone 4 50 Monkey Humpers

2nd Lap

Cone 1 50 Big Boys

Cone 2 50 Carolina Dry Docks

Cone 3 50 Flutter Kicks (4 count)

Cone 4 50 Plank Jacks (single count)


We moseyed back to the Amphitheater.

We did 5 dips on each level and stepped up to the next level. At the top we did 20 Superman Merkins.

Then, we finished with 10 prisoner get ups. This where you lay on your six and get up without using your arms.


We had time for LBCs IC and Pickle Pounders IC.


I am always humbled to lead.

-Meter Maid

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