The Wall Stands at the Silo BB 4.1.19


We started doing BlackOps, at what is now North Posh, about a year ago. Initially, I had mixed feelings about the location because on one hand the WOs were really hard because of the terrain used & on the other hand the WO were really hard which made me better. After my 3rd time posting there (which I also happened to Q) I was no longer up in the air on this place, I was ALL IN. I realized I loved going through the wringer with my F3 brothers & challenging myself more than normal.

Why? How? For those who’ve never been to North Posh, & likely for many of those who’ve posted here after June of last year, the terrain of this AO FORCES you to push yourself harder. The WO I designed for this morning would likely be relatively easy for many PAX members if done in a parking lot, but throw it in a 65-yard long hill at a 50-degree angle & it’s a whole another animal. Here’s what we did…

Weather: A clear 25 degrees (this cold weather is ridiculous)


  1. Catfish
  2. Dynomite
  3. Nice & Slow
  4. Nino (QIC)

I gave the disclaimer: I am not a professional. I have received no training. Everything I say is a suggestion so modify as needed. With that, we were on our way on a mosey (see our route & distance below).



  • (10) SSH IC
  • (10) Imperial Walkers IC
  • (10) SSH IC
  • (10) Imperial Walkers IC

It was now time for the Thang…


  • Burpees at the top of the hill
  • work to the bottom of the hill
  • Lunges at the bottom of the hill (lunge on each leg equaled 1)
  • run to the top of the hill


*early finishers were instructed to do the following on repeat on a bench at the top of the hill while waiting on the 6:

  • (10) Dips
  • (10) Decline Merkins
  • (10) Box Jumps

I’m not ashamed to admit I was the 6 today. I designed this WO knowing while simple it would also be difficult so after I finished up we moseyed back to the meeting point.


  • (10) Windshield Wipers IC
  • (20) Big Boys IC
  • (15) Flutter Kicks IC
  • (15) Rosalita’s IC

It was 0615 & we circled up for COT.


  • COR
  • NOR
  • Announcements
    • Convergence on 4.20.19 at The O!
  • Intentions
    • TAPs for all of our F3 brothers & their families who are traveling for Spring Break

With that, I thanked these HIMs for coming out & took it to the SkyQ. Whether leading 3 PAX or 30 PAX it’s always a privilege.

Nino out.



Published by Nino

co-1stF Q for F3Louisville

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