Blue Mountain Beach BlackOps Digiorno/Glenn Ross Q Almost Club Paradise…

Blue Mountain Beach BlackOps
After fartsacking most of the 1st quarter of 2019, YHC was ready to get back to the gloom. Monday morning, after getting called out for not showing up to Club Paradise (YHC did workout with the M), while perusing Instagram and saw that Wedding Singer was in the same area. Messages thrown out and got nothing back… Then, that night who is this guy at the pool grill area, it was him. The headlock wasn’t that difficult, he hard committed. YHC then texted the posting machine himself Glenn Ross. We were on for 0630. YHC remembers many morning over a year ago the 3 of us would meet at HT for BlackOps…we miss ya Wedding Singer. Glad you made it today.

Digiorno/Glenn Ross Q
Wedding Singer, Glenn Ross, Digiorno

Weather: It was a little moist. Mid 50’s. Sand was cold and gritty on our hands and toes. When the sun was rising it was peircing our eyes. The dolfin swimming by almost splashing salt water on us. It was border line annoying and almost uncomfortable but somehow we made it another 45 minutes ITG.

YHC asked Glenn Ross if he could split the Q. He agreed. This is the Thangs…
Arm stretches (across the body, over the head)
Grass Grabbers IC 20, Wedding Singer was feeling good and asked for 5 more
Downward dog
Runner’s stretch

Thang 1:
Mini Web’s
Merkin:Dips 1:4, 5:20
Squats:Step-ups 1:4, 5:20

Thang 2:
Run up road stopping along the way for various exercises
Flutter kicks 30 IC
LBCs 20 IC
Merkins 20 IC
Sumo Squats with pulse at bottom 20 IC

Glenn Ross took over at this point as we headed to the beach.

Thang 3:
Beach work:
started with quick burpee suicide
10 Yards 3 burpees, 10 Yards 6 burpees, 10 Yards 9 burpees.
Next ladder work on the beach.
Incline merkins: 10 thru 1
Big Boys: 10 thru 1
Decline merkins: 10 thru 1
Gas Pump Tabada, Then Robs sand grinders, then pickle pounders, finished with missy on beach to enjoy sunrise, then sunrise Bernie Sanders

Great way to start the day. Glad to know these HIM and all of you who are Getting Better ITG.

Ended with COR, NOR, COT


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