Pax (4): Jitterbug (Respect), Digiorno (co-Q) Glen Ross (co-Q), Iacocca (FNG)

Digiorno txted me on Wednesday with new of a possible FNG- strong work from Digiorno re-headlocking Wedding Singer on Tuesday and Iacocca today.

Meet up spot is at the end of Gulview Heights.   Good spot- a few pavilions with picnic tables and open restrooms 24 hours (Club Paradise is nice, but no restrooms)

6:30 central start and disclaimer with FNG.  Start with 20 SSH, 15 Imperial Walkers, 1 minute of LBACs.

Thang 1- Quarters

start with 25 dips, 50 squats, 75 LBCs then mosey up the Street- about 300 Yards and sprint the last 40.  Mosey back to pavilion for 25 big boys, 50 mountain climbers, 50 squats, 25 chair dips.  Run back up street.  At end of street 15 Bobby Hurley’s,  then Bernie back to pavilion for 15 more Bobby Hurley’s

Thang 2- head to the beach for 11’s.   Merkin/ VUps with 1 burpee in the middle.  Next up was a beach mosey with Pax stopping at each stair/ beach access spot for a new excercise.  We did flutter kicks, Peter Parker’s and about 6 more that I forgot.  With 5 minutes left Digiorno had us bear/ sand crawl 200 Yards- woof.  This sucked but we finished, and headed back to pavilion for COT.

Name-a-Rama was fun with FNG but lasted only 20 seconds (insert other joke here) as we decided on Iacocca.  Hope to see him back in the Gloom soon- he killed it today.

Intentions for Digiorno pops ended with some words from Digiorno.  Had a fun 2 days co-Q’ing w/ Digiorno.  We will be back next year for a few more in 2020


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