Hills of Hurpees at the Chopper BackBlast 4.5.19


I was excited to Q this morning at Vets for several reasons:

  1. it’s an awesome park
  2. the PAX who call it home are definitely entertaining, to say the least
  3. I haven’t been to Vets in three months (since January 2nd)

This was my 3rd time Qing this week & I have to admit I was sloppy in some of the fundamentals for when you Q & as a result I didn’t do the most important thing the Q is supposed to do: take care of ALL the PAX.


I knew we were going to use the big hill & that it was going to rain last night, but yesterday I was lazy when I sent out my Pre-Blast & I didn’t advise the PAX to wear trail shoes/shoes with good tread.


More on this later, but when I was explaining the Thang I took an assumptive approach with my instructions & as a result, one PAX member got hurt. (they’re okay, but regardless someone got hurt)

Here’s what we did…


  1. Worm
  2. Tony Malito
  3. sweetTART
  4. Carlos’e
  5. Meatball
  6. Crock Pot
  7. Pope
  8. Kilo
  9. Retainer
  10. Spygate 2.0
  11. Nino (QIC)

I gave the disclaimer informing the PAX I am not a professional, but everything I say is a suggestion & to modify as they felt needed. With the formalities out of the way, we started off on a mosey making two laps around the monument before circle up around the crest.


  • (20) Imperial Walkers
  • (20) SSH IC

It was time to get to work, the PAX partnered up & we moseyed down the paved path to the bottom of the big hill. I explained the Thang:

The Thang


  • Partner 1: AMRAP Hurpees (hand release Burpees)
  • Partner 2: Bear Crawl 1/3 of the way up the hill to a marker, then run up the final 2/3 of the hill to the top, & return to the bottom of the hill
  • Alternate, rinse & repeat for (10) Rounds


I’ve Qd at Vets before & done a similar Thang that when you get to the top of the hill you go left back over to the paved path to come back down. When I was explaining the Thang I didn’t specify to the PAX to do this. As a result, Kilo & Spygate were the first two to the top of the hill, turned around & began coming back down. Spygate is definitely competitive (which I love) & was coming down the hill HOT. Due to the wet conditions & his speed about 3-4 feet before the paved path he took a spill hitting the ground & sliding across the grass & then the pavement. He’s a tough kid, but I knew it hurt. Retainer confirmed Spygate had shredded his elbow & sides but is okay. Had I taken 10 more seconds to give the instruction to cut across the top of the hill & come down the paved path this would’ve been avoided…that’s on me & me alone. I’m sorry Retainer & even more sorry to Spygate.

This was a simple a WO, but I knew it was a good one because I heard the following:

“Nino, you suck.”

“I hate you, Nino.”


The PAX completed their 10 Rounds up the hill & 100 Hurpees (depending on how hard they were pushing themselves& we got back up to the monument at 0605. We went over to the tomb & I explained what we were going to do to close out the WO:


  • (10) Merkin-Derkins
    • Do (1) regular Merkin, then put your feet up on the tomb (approximately 2 1/2 feet tall& do (1) Derkin…this was (1)
  • (1) Straight Leg Throw Down

After getting to about (7) Merkin-Derkins & (4) Straight Leg Throw Downs I decided we were going to modify with some Mary.


  • (15) Straight Leg Throw Downs IC
    • had to take a quick break here because Worm farted essentially in Pope’s mouth…it was awful.
  • (10) Windshield Wipers IC

TIME…circle up around the crest.


  • COR
  • NOR
  • Announcements
    • Passion Ruck on 4.19.19 at The County
    • Convergence on 4.20.19 at The O
  • Intentions
    • Spygate
    • Mrs. Kilo who’s having some tests done
    • All of our F3 brothers & family who are traveling back from Spring Break

I’ve Qd a lot & would argue one of my biggest strengths is preparation & detailed instruction, but today was a reminder we can always be better. It was a privilege to lead this morning & a humbling experience I won’t forget.

Nino out.

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