BO @ St. Pats – Back Blast 4/4/19

Weather  Cool and clear. 52 degrees

PAX 3 – Huggies (Q),  McAfee, Nino

We did the 1st workout of the April monthly ruck club callout.  I think we all were carrying 30 lbs.

Ruck 1 mile

10 sets of: 10 Ruck Squats, 10 Ruck Push Ups, 10 Russian Twists (American Hammers Holding a Ruck)

We divided this up by doing the 1 mile ruck ( which was around St. Pats campus twice) and then 5 sets of the 10 ruck squats and 10 ruck push ups.  At the end we did 50 Russian twists to avoid having to take our rucks on and off.

We then rucked another mile followed by finishing the five more sets.  We finished right at 6:15.

COT – Intentions – McAfee’s ankle.

It was good to do a smaller workout with these two gentleman, pillars of our Pax.  It’s been hard to get them both together these days.

I was also happy to keep this St. Pats thing going.  I think it will ultimately become a solid AO.

Huggies out.


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