4/8 Boarding at the Incubator at The Posh BB


Welcome back from spring break, fellas! I’ve got a surprise for you.

PAX: Sandtrap (FNG) (R), Bob Ross, Iceman (R), Jitterbug (R), Ladybird (R), Dynomite, Pew Pew, Jolly Rancher, Retainer (QIC).

Picked up my third Q in a week to help cover Spring Break. Trying to spice things up again, I broke out a concept from last summer: the Board of Pain. Everyone was delighted and happy to see the Board.

Started with mosey to the water fountain. Circled up for 20 Calf Raises, 40 SSH’s, 20 IW’s, and 15 AV’s. Long series of runner stretches and yoga poses to warm up. Then, the Thang.

The THANG: Revised Board of Pain.

I’ve been wanting to break this out again, but I couldn’t find the original Board’s exercises. So I improvised and made my own list. I think most PAX got through some of the Hello Dollys before I called time.

Lesson learned: when writing exercises on a list, be careful with your handwriting and don’t make your O’s look like an I. Otherwise, Dynomite will just giggle through the workout.

Did a quick NA run back to the flags and circled up.


Haven’t had a real Circle of Mary for a long time because the ground has been too cold. We got down for a good old fashioned beat down with Freddy Mercurys, Hello Dollys, JLos, MC’s, Plank Jacks, and BBS.

COR, NOR, COT, and named our new FNG Sand Trap. Real name Sandman and likes golf.

Thanks for coming out this morning, Fellas. Retainer out.

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