With all the marathons and running events over the weekend coupled with the Meter Maid Postiversary, I wasn’t sure what to expect yesterday morning. I was trying to map out a weinke and decided to come up with multiple options based on crowd size. As 5:30 drew near, a few cars started rolling in. In all we had 6 PAX: Dunphy, Banana Hands, Catfish(Q), Huggies, Nice and Slow and North Posh founder, Nino.

I gave the PAX two options for workouts and we took a vote. The option we choose had us run down to The Pit to get started. I gave the quick disclaimer and we started out on a quick mosey down to the bottom of the hill. Once we arrived at The Pit, we did a few “warm-up” exercises consisting of, SSH’s(20), Mountain Climbers(20), Merkins(25) and some stretching.

Main Workout: A couple of weeks ago, Dunphy Q’d and his Q required there to be about 8 coupons down in the pit. Those coupons hadn’t made their way back up to the normal resting spot near the top parking lot so our mission was for the 6 of us to return 8 coupons back to the top. We utilized the paved trail in lieu of the street. This added some mileage and kept the PAX out of harm’s way.

Here is how we did it:

We ran about .25 miles at a time with each PAX carrying one coupon. Once we reached the destination, 2 PAX would run back to the 2 remaining coupons and then run those coupons and back to the PAX waiting in plank, etc. We took turns running back and retrieving the two extras and a couple of people actually opted to carry 2 at a time during their turn. We repeated this 5 times and added an exercise at each stop. Here are the exercises we performed at each stop:

1st – Curls(25)

2nd – Derkins(25)

3rd – Big Boys(25)

4th – Squats(25)

5th – ManMakers(20)

We then returned the coupons to their normal spot and circled around the flag.

Intentions and Announcements: A-Olympics on 5/18, Monthly Ruck on 5/24. We prayed the God give us the strength to continue putting one foot in front of the other when things get tough and to remember there is always a next step to look forward to.

This was a particularly good group of PAX and it was a privilege to lead.


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