Back Blast: Redneck Tractor Pull PART TWO 8-May-2019 Wednesday #Heavy at #theCounty 0530 Crock Pot Q

As YHC was unloading gear from last Wednesday’s HEAVY, a quick check of the Q calendar yielded an open spot for today. A quick slack post asked the county PAX if there were any qualms with a shameless rinse and repeat of the Redneck Tractor Pull weinke. Responses varied from a ‘muscles’ emoji to an all caps “BRING IT.” Thus, here we are. YHC presents, the Redneck Tractor Pull, part two ya’ll!
Weather: 57 deg F, with a breeze that gave just a bite of cold.
PAX: 7
Bulletin (R)
Meter MIad
Crock Pot (Q)
Standard disclaimer was given. YHC decided an appendix needed to be added due to the fact that a few stations would involve airborne weights or weights that would be handled overhead. Extra caution was required today, and YHC got a verbal ‘aye’ from the PAX before commencement.
Warm Up:
Side Straddle Hops (IC): x15
Kendra Newmans (10 count forward, 10 count reverse)
Sprinkler (IC): x10
Good Morning (Bear Hug/Hulk) (IC): x10
Slooooooow Grass Grabbers (IC) x 10
Wide Stance Hold Left Heel (10 count)
Wide Stance Hold Right Heel (10 count)
Imperial Walkers (IC): x10
Tabata intervals of 1 min work AMRAP, 30 seconds rest. Rotate through the stations.
Station #1 – Redneck tractor pull w/ 70# Sled
Station #2 – 45# Sled Rope Pull
Station #3 – 35# plate flip (clean over the shoulder)
Station #4 – Another 35# plate flip (clean over the shoulder)
Station #5 – 50# kettle bell up and over the playground pull up bar
Station #6 – 30# slam ball launches over the monkey bars
Station #7 – Cliffhanger pull ups on monkey bars
PAX made it through three complete rotations, plus an extra set of the station they started on.
With 60 seconds left, we hit a set of Copperhead Merkins of varying cadence to keep the burn going.
Announcements- AOlympics are on May 18, 10-2ish. Visit Slack for more details, and don’t hesitate to self-nominate or encourage someone else. We need you. Go Ruck Custom event, $100 registration, check #rucking channel for details. Half the spots are gone, so act soon.
Message-This message is very similar to the message I gave yesterday at the Loco. Different book, same people, similar message. Here goes…
Paul is a very visible and well known character in the Bible, as he wrote nearly half the new testament. What’s not as well known is he was the mentor of a guy named Timothy, whom he was equipping to take his place. In 1 Timothy 4:7-8 Paul is giving Timothy examples of how to be a good servant of Christ. He says, “…while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”
Our training today was tough. It was valuable. But even if you’re sore in the morning, the effects will wear off. I encourage everyone to train their godliness, as it will make you fit in the life to come.
Closing Prayer
Until next meal,
Crock Pot

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