Back Blast – 5.7.19- The Rooster

16 PAX showed up at the Mutt this morning:  Digiorno, Cowbell, Fergie, Pork Chop, Larry Flint, Mouth, Miyagi, Noxeema Jackson, Water Boy, Fridge, Blueprint, Messi, Wham-o, Stiletto, Windshield, & Escort as Q.  I am pretty sure that this was the most perfect weather that I have ever exercised in…  so nice that it didn’t seem quite right.

Warm up:  Mosey around the school, 15 grass grabbers, 30 SSH, downward dog and various yoga type stretches that lasted long enough to induce lots of groaning.  Ended the warm up with some shoulder stretches.

The main event was 4 stations:

1.       Abs:  50 LBCs, 25 big, boys, 25 flutter kicks, & elbow plank until pushed.

2.       Shoulders and Arms:  AMRAP Coupon Boyos *with tricep skull crusher.

3.       Legs:  25 jump lunges, 50 heel lifts, 25 coupon squats, & step-ups until pushed.

4.       Run around the jogging track and push station 1 when finished.

The PAX made it through 1.75 rounds before we ran out of time.


Announcements:  Escort will put out a group ride on Slack (Sweaty Gears channel) for mountain biking on the trails at Cherokee.  Tuesdays at 7:00p, starting 5/14.  Miyagi announced that there could be a reoccurring Saturday Ruck, time and location TBD.  Get with him if interested.

COT:  Prayers for sick family members and for HT 8th Graders (going to DC) and Miyagi’s sister (returning from Australia).

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  Please try to reach out to those who you may think need help, a few words can make a huge difference.

Three deer walked by us 15-20 yards away in the fog as we we ended our COT in prayer.  It was an inspiring scene that I replayed in my head many times today as I was reminded of the morning workout by the soreness in my muscles from the coupon boyos.   That’s the kind of stuff you can’t get from a gym membership, fellas.





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