BackBlast #theIncubator 5/6/2019 A pair of 7’s and a Brain Fart

Thanks to those who came out for my Birthday Q !

PAX  Jitterbug (QIC)  Pew Pew, Sandtrap, Bob Ross, Pew Pew, Ladybird, Gypsy

-Disclaimer and Mosey for COP:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, Stretching, 10 Mountain Climbers (IC) , 5 BOYOs and we were off to the Bridge

-Thang 1 Starting at the top of the Bridge the group performed a 7 consisting of Burpees and Bobby Hurleys in between sprinted down to bottom of Bridge and Bernie Sanders back up. This completed we moseyed to the Fountain

-Thang 2  At the Fountain I had the PAX Grab some bench and in succession we did : 10 dips followed by 10 hop ups or step ups, then Rinse and repeat with 20 and then 30 of each. I had originally called to finish with 40 of each but thought better of it.

-Thang 3  We circled up and got into plank position for Merkins Followed immediately by Plank Jacks, We did 10 of each in Cadence, held blank and then did 8 of each, and worked our way down by 2’s holding plank in between each set.  Moseyed back to the bridge

Thang 4   I instructed Pax as they reached the bottom of the Bridge to stop and Bear Crawl to the top. At the top I noted that 1 “7” is Ok but a pair of “7’s”, and then you are onto something, so that is what we did.  The second 7 Consisted of Hand Release Merkins and Copperhead Squats, with Sprints up and down the Bridge. Moseyed back and arrived  at starting point right at 6:15

The Brain Fart was that after doing a count off and remarking that even I would be able to remember everyone there since there was 7 of us; I forgot to do the official name-o-rama….my bad

Announcements were for the AOlympics and May 24th Ruck.

In COT we remembered Retainers family with the Loss of his Mother late last week, and I noted the Passing of Dr, Perry Sangali who served as President and many Other Roles at Saint Xavier High School. He was a religion teacher during my time there in the early 80’s and continued to have a positive influence young men’s lives (my 2.0 included) till his unfortunate passing from Cancer. A truly great man.

Thanks Again to the Pax. My 1 year anniversary with F3 was actually during Spring Break. That and my Birthday have led me to consider the profound effect F3 has had on my life in the last 13 months.  Thanks to you all!

Jitterbug Out


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