It was a great time at the Mutt this past Saturday with 17 PAX in attendance including five 2.0s, four of which were FNGs:

Porkchop, Duplo, Cornbread, Zima, Deuce, Windshield, Pepperoni, Soft top, Tureen, Sump Pump, Miyagi, Beast Boy (2.0), Cutlet (2.0, FNG), Car Alarm (2.0, FNG), Spida (2.0, FNG), Air ball (2.0, FNG), Grinder (Q)

I had encouraged PAX to bring out their 2.0s in the PB. Beast Boy is my 2.0 and I thought his first post in a year would serve as a good jumpstart for some fitness goals we are working on. Knowing this would be a mixed crowd, I tried to keep us busy with activities that everyone could do at his own pace. After a quick mosey to the big lot and warm-up in COT, here’s what we did:

Thang One – Horizon Run. The group set out on a run from the church to Chenoweth Ln. The premise was that the fastest guys would peel away from the pack and once a PAX saw one of the fast runners on the horizon heading back to the church, the PAX would turn around and head back towards the church as well. This made it possible for everyone to go as fast as they wanted and still have all of us end up back at the church at the same time.

Thang Two – Circuit Fives. I set up six cones in a rectangle formation around the big lot. The PAX would mosey from cone to cone, doing five reps of an exercise at each cone (Cone 1-Burpees, Cone 2-Big Boys, Cone 3-Merkins, Cone 4-Squats, Cone 5-Mountain Climbers, Cone 6-Bobby Hurleys). Every time a PAX completed the circuit, he would repeat it, adding five more reps at each cone. PAX continued until 25 reps per cone was reached, then worked his way down by five reps on each consecutive lap.

Thang Three – Mary: LBCs, Flutters, Freddie Murcurys, Pretzel Crunches, and Elevators

We circled up and had a fun time naming our FNGs. There were a couple high school kids that stayed asleep in their cars all the way through DiGiorno’s pre-Hurt BO and our entire workout as well. One of them somehow set off his car alarm from inside the car and it blared for a minute or so in the middle of us naming Zima’s 2.0, hence his nickname, Car Alarm. Thanks to all that came out and brought their 2.0s. I had a blast, and so did Beast Boy. Grinder out.

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