06/04/19 Rooster backblast: Old Bay and some dick named Cooper

PAX: 20.  Larry Flint, Escort, Windshield, Sump Pump, Zima, Hamm, Meatball, Pope, Glen Ross, Cowbell, Buschhh, Deuce, Fridge, Fergie, Pepperoni, Blueprint, Wham-O (R) Snowman, DiGiorno, Old Bay (QIC).

Conditions:  Awesome.  Cool and Dry

Gear: Nothing exciting.  Asics gel Cumulus.  F3 Louisville buff.

Yes I have a sweet buzz cut, a face that writes checks, and a can-do attitude, but it turns out I’m a sucker.  Last weekend at LAX tournament in Nashville, no one wanted to drag the team cooler with kid’s water bottles back and forth from the team area to the fields all day, so I said I’d do it.  Sucker.  Yesterday, the mighty Dolphins from the Woods of St. Thomas were preparing for our first swim meet of the season, but no one had signed up to be the announcer.  My M is swim team President, so I naturally supported her and said I’d do it.  Sucker.   Also yesterday, I asked Deuce who had the Q at the Rooster, and he said it was mine for the taking.  Sucker.  Read to the end.

  • Welcome, Disclaimer, no FNGs, lets mosey
  • COP: SSH, tempo merkins, mountain climbers, downward dog, runners stretch, repeat
  • The Thang: The Cooper.  I got home late from the swim meet last night, and didn’t have time to create something from scratch.  I hopped on my talking pocket computer, and whiz bang presto change-o, I found The Cooper on the F3 Exicon page.  It sounded pretty terrible so let’s do it:
    • 10 burpees, 10 deep squats, 10 Merkins, run 400 M
    • 9, 9, 9, run 400 M
    • 8, 8, 8, run 400 M
    • All the way down to 1, and then run your final lap around the school.
    • That’s 2.5 miles, 55 burpees, 55 squats, and 55 merkins in about 30 minutes.  Eek.

Cooper positive

  • We had a few minutes left and finished with some Mary.  Rosalitas, Freddie Mercurys, Pfiffer Kicks, and some other stuff.
  • Head to the flag for COR, NOR, announcements and intentions.  It was fairly silent, and I took that as a compliment.


  • Observations:
    • I mapped out the duration in my head, and I wasn’t sure that we would all complete the WO before 0615.  Bullshit.  Everyone finished.  AYE!
    • I wasn’t interested in talking after round 4.
    • I repeatedly told myself “don’t let Buschh and Wham-O lap you, don’t do it.”  They lapped me.  Holy Mackerel those dudes crushed today…Larry Bird.
    • I heard encouragement all morning long, and I wasn’t surprised.
    • I closed with words of gratitude, and I meant them.

If you are still reading, my opening paragraph was not meant to pat myself on the ass.  It was meant to underscore the servant leadership that I see you guys performing, and that I’m working on myself.

Let’s all go out and be suckers this week.

Adios muchachos,

Old Bay


One thought on “06/04/19 Rooster backblast: Old Bay and some dick named Cooper

  1. I usually listen intently to OB’s words of wisdom because he is one with the WuTang and the WuTang is one with him. Today however, I have no idea what was said. My Q crisis was solved so I can only calculate that I was exhausted. Perfect Q. Definitely rewinding that one this Summer.


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