Back Blast F3 Dads 10-Jul-2019 Wednesday #BlackOps at #theCounty 1900 Crock Pot, Zeus, & Luigi Co-Q

Weather: 88 deg F, 66% RH. Hot, humid, no wind, but no excuses.
PAX: 26 (including 4 FNGs!)
FNG – High Bar (Welcome!)
FNG – Goggles (Welcome!)
Captain Crunchberry
Red Wagon
Screen Time
FNG – Globetrotter (Welcome!)
The G.O.A.T.
Big Bird
Le Pew
FNG – Do Re Mi (Welcome!)
Zeus (Co-Q)
Luigi (Co-Q)
Crock Pot (Co-Q)
Warm Up:
Capri Lap around the two middle parking islands, then formed COP near soccer field.
Side Straddle Hops (IC): x15
Grass Grabbers (IC): x10
Imperial Walkers (IC): x10
Downward Dog (10 count)
Kendra Newmans (10 count forward, 10 count reverse)
Trident Jumps (SC): x11 (last one, best one)
Two stations were set up. PAX were split in two groups. At station “A”, PAX did an exercise. At station “B”, PAX station did another exercise. After the prescribed number of reps, the groups switched. Here’s the fun part: we don’t simply run, we go through the obstacle course. Identical obstacles were set up in the transition zones between stations. Obstacles included a hurdle, high step circles, and several cones to weave through.
Round 1: 3 sets at each station
Station A: Merkin x10
Station B: Air Press x10
Transition between stations: Run
Round 2: 3 sets at each station
Station A: Tuck Jump x10
Station B: Squat x10
Transition between stations: Hop on left foot
*Water break*
Round 3: 2 sets at each station
Station A: Groiner x10
Station B: Mountain Climber x10
Transition between stations: Hop on right foot
Round 4: 2 sets at each station
Station A: Side Straddle Hops x20
Station B: Burpees x10
Transition between stations: Bunny Hop
LBC (IC): x10
Da Vinci (IC): x10
Flutter Kicks (IC): x10
Announcements- St. Al’s picnic setup this week and workers needed this weekend.
Message- In the Bible there was a guy named Paul. He was kind of a coach and teacher to a church in Galatia. The people there had taken his teachings and changed them! When they got tired, they quit doing the right things. When Paul wasn’t there watching them, they thought there was no reason to keep doing the right things.
Paul told them “Let us not become weary in doing good, for a the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” – Galatians 6:9.
When no one is watching us, should we do things the wrong way or the right way? The PAX gave a consensus “Right Way”.
When we get tired, should we take short cuts or do things the right way? The PAX gave another consensus “Right Way”.
When things get harder, should we quit or do things the right way? Again, PAX gave an emphatic “Right Way”.
Let’s all try to go and do the right things the right way.
Intentions- High Bar raised intentions for the healing of her babysitter’s husband after a cardiac event in the Grand Canyon. High Bar also raised intentions for the healing of her grandpa who is recently post-op. Whoopi raised intentions for the healing and sound mind of her Grammy JuJu (sp?). Globetrotter asked intentions for her mom who is also recently post-op. We asked the SkyQ for healing, to guide the doctors, caregivers, and to surround these families with support.
NakedMan Moleskin: This workout was not easy, as evidenced by the obvious need for a water break mid-Thang. There was sweat on 100% of the PAX, but there were also smiles on 100% of the PAX. Shorties were competing with each other, with themselves, and with the F3 Dads. It was awesome to see. The obstacles took some bruising as the PAX got tired, but (as they were built for punishment) the equipment survived while serving the intended purpose of challenging everyone.
Last, and certainly not least, 100% of the intentions presented tonight were from the shorties. 3 of 4 were from FNG’s. YHC is hopeful that the F3 Dads setting is always an inviting scene for intentions. However, witnessing the sincere hearts of the shorties tonight offering intentions was something that words can’t describe. In the opinion of YHC, this reflects on the impact and example set by their respective F3 PAX.
Until next meal,
Crock Pot

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