Backblast 10 July Veterans Park

Humid, but PK got ice cream from weird truck after workout to cool down. My 2nd Q, thanks for support!

Big Bird, Wurm, Whitney, Arobe, Atlas, Gang Plank, Short Hose, Dragsdale, Flounder, Sweetart, PK, Grenwhich, JPOT


20 reps, 4 corners (parking lot), 4 iterations

1st Corner – 20 Squat Thrusts with Coupon

Bear Crawl to 2nd corner

2nd Corner – 20 Partner assisted Mericans, hip or shoulder height

Jog to 3rd Corner

3rd Corner – 20 Burpees

Iron Mikes (Lunges) to 4th Corner

4th Corner – 20 4 count Plank Hops

Jog to 1st corner, rinse and repeat 3x more for fun….well 2x for fun, ran out of time.

We went round the circle and said thinks we’re thankful for- most importantly was the bright shining sun coming up for a new day OR Flounders shirt, which was equally as bright…oh yeah and God’s Grace.

Published by johnny on the pot

Lived in Lou for three years. One son, 6 years old. Work at New York Life where I do life insurance and retirement planning. Also in the Kentucky National Guard---WEEKEND WARRIOR!!

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