June 27th BB at the O – If you can dodge a wrench….

23 strong showed up for a one of a kind workout on June 27th at the O.  @Tron, @Dorothy, @Green Wave, @Jeter, @Eggo, @Pixar, @Headboard, @Tammy Faye Baker, @Snowman, @Gepetto, @Fridge, @Plumb Bob, @Scuba Steve, @PED, @Butcher, @Lobsta, @Dixie, @Wham, @Sump Pump, @Pope, @Violet, @Flo Jo, @ReRe (?) all got better as we embarked on a two tiered journey;

Mosey around bathrooms and onto field for a quick warm up.  SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, Copper Head Squats and Burpees in succession (3 sets of each, quick transitions) got the body warm, then off to Cogan’s Cove for Thang 1

Thang 1:  Flo Jo Hill Special

Circuit of Lunge Walk, Bear Crawl, Bernie Sanders, Crawl Bear, Full Sprint up the hill with mosey down for 18 minutes.  Bear Crawls, everyone hates them!


On to the single tennis court for some good fun dodge ball.  Two teams, 12 balls.  If you get hit, you have to go to the “T” on the tennis court and do 15 merkins.  If you get hit while doing merkins, your entire team stops to do 15 burpees (you must protect the guys that got hit).  If a ball you throw is caught, you have to exit the game, and run over to the four tennis court, and go around all four prior to returning.

Good fun had by all in a new workout.  Played dodgeball for about 20 minutes, then circled up for some Mary prior to COT

Enjoyed leading 23 in this great workout that included some fun for all!


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