7/10/2019 – The Blender Backblast

9 PAX Posted at the Blender.  A special guest appearance by Spreadsheet and beast Steinbrenner (DR from @F3Memphis) joined Glen Ross, Cow Bell, Fridge, Snowman, Grinder, PED, and Sump Pump Q.

Weather: 72 with 90% Humidity

5:30 Game Time — We circled up and checked for FNGs.  None present so we made a quick mosey to around the school for COP.



Grassgrabbers – IC

Downward dog


Calf stretch

Runner stretch


Thang 1

I don’t like to run, so we ran.  A short 1.5 mile Indian run that seemed like more because the air was too thick to breathe without breaking a sweat. The 6 was to do 3 burpees and then sprint to the front.  This may or may not have happened.

Thang 2

Housekeeping 101.  If you have ever posted at the Mutt, then you know that we have enough coupons for most of F3Nation.  Some move a lot while others move a little.  Some weigh more than others. Some are Orange and some are not.  You get the point.  We have a lot of coupons.  So YHC decided that we should move all of them to the parking lot, Farmer Carry style.  The PAX each grabbed a coupon and moseyed up the steps to the back of the parking lot and dropped their coupon before returning for another coupon. (This time running down the driveway on the right side of the building).

After moving all of the coupons and (crop) dusting the coupon garden, we had to return the coupons in a timely fashion to we could move on to Thang 3.  Returning the coupons sucked as much and moving them the first time.

Thang 3

Once all of the coupons were neatly returned to their home, it was time to circle the coupon garden a few times.  YHC also hates bear crawls so we made sure to do a few laps up the driveway before running back down the steps to do it again.

Thang 4

With just a few minutes to spare we circled up for Mary.  Glenn Ross and Snowman lead us out with some IC Gas Pumps/American Hammers and Pickle Pounders.  Some lasted longer than others on the PP.


July Ruck on the 19th. Steinbrenner also mentioned the GO Ruck Tough Vietnam on 8/30 in Memphis. Intentions were given for all of those in need.   Closed out COT asking that our workout be the hardest thing we do today.

It’s always a pleasure to lead this group.

@Sump Sump

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