Vincent B-Day Q @ the Ruiner 7/13

I had a great B-day weekend and it all started Saturday morning at the Ruiner.  16 HIM’s made it to the party: C.I., Glen Ross, Nugget, Seabass, Jinxy, Merlin, Duplo, Tuba (FNG), Tammy Faye Baker, Sand Trap, Face, Pope, Liberace, Scuba Steve, Red Roof and Vincent (Q).   We started on the tennis courts for some stretching then lined up for a long native American run.  Person in the back did 10 Merkins then sprinted to the front.  We kept the pace manageable so the sprint would be all-out.  We ran to the bottom of Circle Hill and found a short cut through street and stopped for some leg exercises before lining back up and continued the run to the soccer field.

Once at the field we split into groups of 3 and grabbed a coupon per group.  With two guys on one side of the field and one at the opposite side, we did the Thang.  Partner one did AMRAP curls.  On the opposite side partner 2 did AMRAP Merkins.  Partner 3 bear crawled half way across the field then ran the balance of the distance to relieve the HIM doing Merkins,  who bear crawled/ran to the opposite side to do take over doing curls.  We ran this cycle through twice.   Same method – we did Overhead press on one side, squat jacks on the other with a Bernie in the middle.  Again we ran through twice.  There was a third cycle with Squats and skull crushers with karaoke in the middle.  Once finished we stored the coupons and moseyed back to the tennis courts.

Next we all lined up against the fence in the wall sit position.  The man at each end of the line raced the length of the courts and back to start the next runners.  Everyone had a turn.  We finished up the morning with an old school Jack Webb – Merkins and air presses 10/40 then a series of Mary.

It truly was great start to the weekend.  We mixed it up a little and did some moving around the park area.  Name-Orama, COT and Coffeeteria!  Until next time – SYITG.


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