Q School at the Fog

As we wind down the week and finish up what I believe to be a successful Q School, we had one final workout at the Poshlands on Saturday. With many of the PAX having already been to another workout earlier in the week I wanted to show some variations of exercises and how to incorporate them.

We did have one FNG so I was able to still give proper explanations and help him to understand more about the workout and the F3 Nation as a whole.

I started off with a strong disclaimer explaining to the PAX that I am not a professional (with no certification or training), they are here on their own accord and to know their body and its limitations and to modify accordingly and that I would show modifications for PAX who need them.

After the disclaimer, we were off for a short little mosey.


We ran around the parking lot past the Splash Park to the opposite parking lot for our COP:


15 ABe Vigodas IC

15 Grass Gtrabbers IC

15 Mountain Climbers IC

Calf Stretch

15 Merkins Single Count

15 Copperhead Squats IC

Kendra Newmans – During Kendra Newmans we discussed the three Fs, the Creedo, and the 5 Core Principles of F3. We talked about the importance of the pricinples and that this group will always abide by those principles. Even though it is freed to lead, we must keep those principles at the forefront of everything that we do.

After our discussion, we were off for a lengthy mosey to the Rock Bridge.


7s at the Rock Bridge

I explained what 7s or 11s is. It is an alternating workout where you begin with one exercise (doing 1 rep), followed by some distance of movement, once you get to the second location you do as many reps as you need to to get a total count of 7 or 11, in this case it would be 6. You continue increasing and decreasing rep counts for the exercises until you get to the opposite rep scheme (6:1).

Here was our workout:

Under the bridge: Ascending in reps 1-6 – Triple Threat with a rock (Curl, to overhead press, to tricep extension)

Run to the top of the adjacent bridge

Top of the bridge: Descending reps 6-1 – Catchers (Essentially and groiner, but when your feet come up to your shoulder you come up into a squatted/catched position

As you finished hold plank for the six or continue with more triple threat reps


We moseyed back to the track around the Egg Lawn. As we gatthered I told the PAX to begin thinking of a transition movement to use during the next workout (lunge walk, mario, kareoke, etc.)

We were going to do a String of Pearls lightpost workout. One PAX would yell out a transition (called on by me) and then the PAX would transition either 2 or 4 light posts and perform one of the trio of exercises (40 Mountain Climbers, 20 Jump Squats, or 20 Carolina Dry Docks).

We continued this work all the way around the Egg Lawn back to the Flags.


Once we got back to the flags, we circled up for some Mary. We went around the group and each person lead us in 10 reps of their choice of Mary. We worked on using the correct phrasing for introducing and counting each exercises to help those feel more comfortable when they Q next.


After everyone completed this we concluded with COR, NOR around the flag. We had a few announcements about the upcoming August Ruck Event and the Custom Go Ruck Tough event in October. After some intentions I took us out in a word of prayer.

Always grea tot lead this group and looking forward to a number of great Qs and workouts in the coming weeks on the heels of Q School.

-McAfee out

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