Backblast – Foundry @ 11/27/2019

While I have attended heavy workouts at Vets and the County, this was my heavy VQ.

The conditions this morning could have been worse. Dauber, the site Q, had warned me yesterday of the forecast of 60 degrees, rain and 20 mph wind. Well like an economist or weather man, one out of three ain’t bad.

Given the potential conditions, I had planned to workout under the covered school area.

PAX: Pelican, Jolly Rancher, Cratchet, Crockpot, Dauber and Meter Maid (Q)

I provided the disclaimer before the COP.



Michael Phelps

Kendrick Newman’s


I have certainly seen and run my share of tabitas. With this Q, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to have you work on a particular exercise for the entire song. Just like life, some songs are short and some are long and you need to keep grinding. Everyone started with an exercise and rotated clockwise after each song concluded.

Here is a listing of the six exercises. We ran through nine songs during the thang. The tenth song played during Mary.

1. T-Merkins (even in a covered area – no way around getting wet)

2. Weighted Squats with 45 pound sandbag

3. Slam Ball

4. One arm rows (could alternate arms)

5. Bench press with coupon

6. Big boys with weighted ruck

Here is the listing of songs. The first one was because of the weather.

The PAX quickly realized how long some were compared to others. The On the Road again was the shortest song but I included it for all those traveling this Thanksgiving weekend.

There was some good mumblechatter on the Snoop song. You will have to ask Crockpot about it sometime.

I had two minutes left for Mary and we did preacher sit-ups, flutter kicks and gas pumps.

We ended with NOR, COT, Intentions and an Our Father. Jolly and I also made it a double header to St John’s to help pay off the burpee debt for all the socks that the HIMs donated.

-Meter Maid

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