12.10.19 Back Blast – Loco @ The County

I was really looking forward to coming out for my first Q at the County and leading the PAX. They did not let me down! Great AO under fantastic leadership and PAX of true HIM’s. Thank you County boys for having me!

Since Crock Pot was the site Q whom got me on this, I knew I had to cook up something good and bring the heat. 18 PAX got better.

Conditions: Breezy, mild temps, rapidly dropping as every minute went by

PAX: Airplane, Postal, Alexa, Grizzly, Speed Bump, Catfish, Kimble, Scratch-N-Dent, Mud Bug, Cratchit, Crock Pot, UGA (FNG- Welcome!), Wildflower, Asian Zing (R), Brown Water, Viking, Meter Maid, Sadie (Q).

Circled up. Q intro and disclaimer. Mosey the long way around 1/2 mile circle.

COP: SSH (40 IC), Imperial Walkers (15 IC), Grass Grabbers (15 IC), Plank Stretching

Thang 1: Mr. Jack Webb: We had 5 cones 10 yards apart. PAX started on the starting line, completed movement 10 yards to cone, completed exercise 1 to 4 ratio, moved to next cone, completed exercise 2 to 4 ratio, etc. 50 yards to end of cones there and back for 100 yards which brought us to finish last ratio 10 to 40.

Round 1: Movement- Gorilla Walk. Exercise – Merkins to Shoulder Taps.

Round 2: Movement- Lunge Walk. Exercise- Plank Jacks to MTN Climbers

Round 3: Movement- Run. Excercise- Big Boys to Flutter Kicks

Thang 2: 1 Mintute Intervals: At sound of horn begin exercise. AMRAP and hold for 1 minute countdown. Horn sound ended 1 minute and 20 second break between each.

Plank Builds, Pickle Pounders, Elbow Plank

Thang 3: Cool down stretch. Alexa brought this concept with him to Bayside a couple weeks ago. I really liked the idea of last couple minutes for deep breath and cool down stretch, especially after a leg smoker. I asked Alexa to lead this for us which closed us out.

COT: Count-o-Rama, Name-o- Rama. FNG came forward, welcome UGA great to have you out! Announcements, intentions, closed in prayer.

I really enjoyed this Q and the PAX at County bring support and are ready to work. I am very thankful for this group and what it means to me. Can’t wait to get dem County boys again soon!


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