BackBlast- 2/24 Milton Q at North Posh

It was a beautiful Monday morning on the North side, at least that’s what I kept telling myself on the way over. Not too cold, but a steady light rain stayed with us the entire workout to keep us fresh. PAX: Viking, Nino, Huggies, Meter Maid, Holy Roller (R), Milton (Q).  Quick disclaimer and got rollin…

COP: SSH (25), Grass Grabbers (15), Plank and Stretch, Merkin single ct (25). Got warmed up with a Native American mosey down the street trying to outrun a huge truck creeping on us on the way to the large parking lot to get main thang started.

Thang 1 (really most of our workout)-  Kept things very simple, doing 11’s using a hill (not sure if we have a name for this hill, but it needs one, you catch a small curve on it and then it feels like there is no end).  Exercise at bottom of the hill was good ole fashioned burpees, starting at 10, running to top of hill with Bobby Hurleys, starting at 1, back and forth til completion. Not a lot of mumble chatter for this one.

Thang 2- In the parking lot loop, partnered up for some sprint intervals while partner 2 AMRAP’d squats.  We were short on time at this point, but had 2 laps of sprints and 1 Bernie for fun and then made our way for a 5-6 minute run uphill back towards the flag.  Had about 2 minutes left, did a brief stretch and finished with single ct Merkins (25).

COT- Quick count, name-o-rama, asked Holy Roller (R) about his start with F3, because he’s crushing it, announcements and intentions. Asked PAX to show someone a small unprompted act of kindness, whether a hug to a loved one or just a compliment to someone, as we never know the positive impact we can make for someone, even if it’s an impact for only a moment, or a day or someone’s life.  Thanked PAX for coming out on this beautiful day and finished with an Our Father. Til next time!


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