BB- The Foundry 2/26/2020

It was my 2nd Q at the Foundry. I noticed a few cars by the playground. One was Dauber’s car. He had gone for an early morning run before the workout. I had came early to setup my the toys (including 3 GoRuck sandbags and 3 goruck rucksacks) I planned to use during the circuit work. The PAX arrived and brought a few other toys including battle ropes (Brown Water) and a 50 pound curl bar (Fructose). Pelican came dressed in black to do his best Holy Roller impression.

PAX: Big Bird (ACL knee is 90%; keep it up), Dauber, Mayhem, Devitto, Fructose, Brown Water, Holy Roller (R), Pelican, and Meter Maid (Q)

I started with the disclaimer and started a warmup of 25 SSH IC, Michael Phelps OYO, 25 SSH IC, 15 Copper Head Squats IC, 25 SSH IC and 15 Toy Soldiers IC. Good thing I didn’t look at Fructose because his looks could kill on my 2nd and 3rd round of SSH.

Thang 1 – EMOM – 20 Merkins and 5 Dips for 5 minutes

Thang 2 – Circuit Work – 2 minutes per round; The stations included: farmers carry with coupons, kettlebell swings, rucksack merkins, setups with merkins, halls, hang off the jungle gym, weighted big boys, deadlift with 2 coupons, row with sandbags, pull throughs with sandbag, slam ball, battle ropes and curls for the girls.

COR, NOR, Announcements including the Leap Day Ruck on Friday night at 9pm, and Holy Roller Foundry Q next Wednesday.

Thang 3- EMOM with 15 weighted big boys and 10 single count flutter kicks.

Devitto shared how much the F3 flowers meant this week and his encounter with Whitney last Friday. Really an amazing group and definitely more than a workout! Always humbled to lead!

-Meter Maid

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