BB- The Foundry – 8/12/20 – Meter Q – Return of the Heavy

When I arrived over 10 minutes early, there were already several PAX there including Focker who was stretching. When I signed up to Q a few weeks ago, I didn’t know it would be our first true heavy since it transitioned to a normal boot camp given the COVID pandemic.

The PAX kept on coming to the tune of 20 total, a Foundry record and also matching the largest number that I have led. I made the disclaimer and made sure we kept our social distance in the vast County parking lot.

PAX- Dauber (or was it GQ) [I may need to schedule a eye doctor visit later this afternoon], Holy Roller (R), Launch Pad (R), Bulletin (R), Mama’s Boy, Pelican, Focker, Tidwell (posting nearly every day – keep it up -props to Jerry Maguire, Cratchit and Captain Crunchberries helping to get him out), Brown Tail (R), Brown Water, Malpractice, Cochran, Hush Puppy, Dauber, BackFlop, LePew, Fructose, Cratchit, WILDflower, and Meter Maid (Q)

As promised, there was no running. For COP, we did 25 SSH IC, 15 Toy Soldiers IC (a County signature), Kendrick Newmans (arm circles) and 20 bench press IC.

I wanted to see how many PAX were present before moving to the first thang. I asked Dauber to start a count, but it was actually GQ. I will blame it on the lighting and my prescription glasses – lol.

The first thang was a tabata with 8 rounds of each exercise. It was 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds off for tabata purest like Pelican. After 8 rounds, there was an additional 30 seconds of rest. Each exercise used the coupon, ruck or curl bar. The 5 exercises were overhead press, flutter kicks, bent over rows, manmakers (for Holy Roller), and weighted big boys. I had some music for it. The first song was Beck’s Wow. Anyone going to a LePew Q has heard it before. I bet you will hear it at the Station tomorrow for his Q. Fructose and Cochran both used their curl bar.

For the second thang, we did 11s with derkins and curls. Between each side, the pax overhead carried their coupons. I kept the music going. GQ really enjoyed the Gin and Juice. He sang along so I knew at this point he was clearly not Dauber. At some point Fructose’s curl bar stated rolling around. I am wondering if he has a remote control for it.

We circled back up maintaining distance and did toe taps on coupon, calf raises IC, and finished with skull crushers.

I requested GQ start a COR, but he started into NOR. We regrouped and started again. Along the way, we only counted to 19 instead of 20. Someone said Bulletin must be walking but Bulletin was there. Along the way, the PAX learned to correctly count (too much exposure to the Mutt can cause this) and we got back to 20.

During announcements, Dauber stated that the Foundry was moving back to a heavy format (versus boot camp format).

I lifted up our personal intentions, closing with message again on perspective. With all the challenges we have, remember that we live the United States were only 4% of the world’s population lives. We may not agree with the politics and other things, but we are lucky to have the freedoms that it provides. We ended with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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