Pelican BB-IPC @ the County 8.31.20

Started off week 1 way better than week 0. I was on time and present-from there it went completely downhill. I did make one good decision as yesterday Jolly Rancher and I set the location for the playground since rain was in the forecast. The plan was to keep the electronics and the early arriving PAX dry. To my surprise there was zero rain when we arrived. Since the playground was open we decided to spread out and use it for the workout. If you’ve never been to the playground it’s nice and padded for the spoiled little St. Al’s kids (my 2.0s included). Seriously it’s awesome and I’m sure has saved Primetime and Cookie Monster from some hard falls.

The PAX kept rolling in today and there were 19 at start time. Dauber declared it a BlackOps IPC Monday record at the County. Who am I to argue with something he says?

PAX present were—

Meter Maid
Holy Roller (R)
Bulletin (R)
Brown Water
Brown Tail (R)
Jolly Rancher
Colonel Klink
Asian Zing (R)
Honey Do
Captain Crunchberry
Pelican (Q)

We huddle up around the white board as I explained the exercises. Meter decided I didn’t explain the 3 burpees EMOM well enough so he did it again. We did a quick warmup consisting of Toy Soldiers, SSHs (yes I really did), grass grabbers, Michael Phelps and Kendra Newman’s.

We all grabbed our own space and hit the count down clock on the Tabata app but then Jolly erased all the names from the timer so we had a false start as he had to put all the names back in again.

Ok now we were ready to go—everyone got started and the first minute or two were going smoothly. But doing hand 50 release release merkins takes a lot of coordination and thinking—two of the things I lack in. Got through those and then on to the 100 leg lifts. Not to bad but damn burpees we’re starting to take longer. Next on to the 150 jungle boy jump squats. These were killer and i think I took a minute breather once or twice during these. That helped as I jumped back in to finish those up. Folks were moving along thru the big boys which were tough mainly cause you had to do 200 of them while that damn timer counted down to the next round of burpees. Last but not least 250 lunges but hey at least it was only 125 per leg. PAX were finishing left and right led by FOCKER. For a minute or two I was discouraged as a had a lot of work in front of me and a decent amount of these studs were done. I just passed 150 and was losing steam. About then the PAX who finished caught their second wind and started picking up the six. Dauber jumped in by me quickly followed by Meter and Backflop who finished what felt like ages ago…this along with one more rest had me ready to finish up. I totally lost count toward the end but Dauber had it for me and this time I could trust him not to cheat me out of 20 or so cause he knew I was dying. I wanted to finish strong (or in my head it was strong) and took a while to catch my breath. I was able to jump in the last round of lunges with the last couple of guys. At that point everyone was doing the burpees and lunges—it was an awesome sight. I’m sure some others feel the same way but there is absolutely no way in hell I could have finished that workout on my own.

When that last timer stopped we all felt a sense of accomplishment. My playlist was upgraded this week and the Wu Tang Clan will take some of the credit for being the newest artists to come to the county leading us to victory.

We were running late so we just ended with intentions. Thanks to all the men who showed up today. Pushed each other, rooted for each and stayed and worked until the last man finished. This backblast was short on humor mainly cause I think forgot everything that happens between burpee 50 and burpee 1000.

Anyone who finishes or even attempts this workout should feel a sense of accomplishment. I can’t wait until next week—I think.

Until next time—



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