Better Late Than Never BackBlast: 1/30/21 – The Hurt @ The Mutt

Conditions: 28°F and clear skies. Solid January gloom weather.

PAX (12): Vincent (R), Harry Caray, Russdiculous, Shyster, Old Bay, Glen Ross, DiGiorno, Frosty, Tiger, No Nuts, Peeping Tom, Handbook (Q)

Here’s how it went down:

Got kicked off right @ 0700 with a quick disclaimer and a mosey around the building back to the rear parking lot behind the school.


    20x SSHs IC
    15x Imperial Walkers IC

    15x Grass Grabbers IC

    15x Plank Jacks IC

    15x Mtn Climbers IC
    Yoga stretches

The Thang – 8 minute rounds of hurt x5

PAX completed sets of various exercises repeating for 8 minutes at a time. Burpees were performed in between sets starting with a single burpee, increasing by one after each set completed. Once the 8 minutes were up, PAX moseyed a recovery lap around the building.

Round 1: merkins x10, mountain climbers IC x15, shoulder taps IC x20, burpees.

Round 2: squats x10, monkey humpers IC x15, calf raises IC x20, burpees

Round 3: BBSUs x10, American hammers IC x15, flutter kicks IC x20, burpees

Round 4 (with coupons): curls x10, overhead press x15, bent over rows x20, burpees

Round 5: SSHs IC x10, overhead claps IC x15, shoulder touches IC x20, burpees

Following the last recovery lap, time was called and it was back to the flag for CoT.

CoT: Ended with an announcement about the February ruck event led by Old Bay and Tony Malito. Closed it out with intentions and The Lord’s Prayer.

Always a pleasure to post to @ The Mutt and even more rewarding to be able to take the lead over there. If you haven’t visited those fellas in a while, suggest you do so ASAP. Never a dull moment in the Gloom @ HT. Appreciate you all having me!

And as always… truly proud to be a part of the group of men.



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