BB – 3/2/21 the Loco @ the County – Sump Pump Q

PAX: Kimble, Honey Do (late), Dauber, Cratchit, Tidwell, WILDflower, Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Asian Zing (R), Octodad, Viking (in character) Pelican (DJ), Sump Pump (Q).

The IHC had me at the LOCO today. Rumor has it that not many Mutters come out this way.

0530 – disclaimer given and we were off. Grab your coupon and take 20 steps this way.

Warmups – Pretty standard stuff. Arm circles, Michael Phelps, grassgrabbers, with SSH on the list for the next exercise. Well, Honey Do either ignored or forgot to read the PB where Q said “don’t be late”. Next Exercise is NUCLEAR. Warmup complete.


Grab a partner and a curb. P1 runs to the other side of the parking lot and does 10 merkins while P2 stays put and AMRAP Burpess until relieved. Total team count would equal 100.

Low Country Crab – same deal. P1 runs/merkins while P2 starts the low grab toe touch.

Indian Crab Walk – like a Indian run but PAX are in a crab walk line moving forward. The back PAX runs to the run. Repeat until all 13 have completed.

Monkey Humpers – This seemed like something Pelican would be good at so I asked him to Co Q this set with me. 4 count in cadence x 100. Shake em out boys.

People Air Press – We moseyed over to the chapel and used the wall to sit against while we did “some” number of air presses.

Smurf Jacks turned SSH – Pelican helped with these as well for making fun of my choice of music. 20 smurf jacks followed by 20 SSH.

To finish off the morning, we each grabbed our coupon and took a short lap around the church making a stop at each street sign to perform 1 manmaker. Once we ran out of signs, we continued back to where the flag was supposed to be while doing an overhead coupon carry.

0615:15 – time called.

COT – Intentions were spoken both silent and aloud. I think Little Jerry asked for prayers for 2 friends/families that had suffered losses. The silent intentions were prayed for as well before we let Pelican lead us out in The Our Father.

Get out and get better!

It was a joy to lead at the County.


Sump Pump

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