5.17.2021 BB The Minuteman at the Patriot

This was my debut at the Patriot. What better way to start out than leading a workout at a place where you have not been. I heard great things about the uniqueness of this site and it did not disappoint. The scene was set with the flag already placed by Focker prior to his departure to the Vet along with the bright lights shining on the William Oldham statue and town square. Since it was tax day, I felt the pressure to deliver a workout where there were no requested refunds. (I hope that I did not disappoint).

12 “Tax Evaders” present for this one:

Honey Do
Boss Hog (R)
Asian Zing (R)
Double Down (R)
Yankovic (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Little Jerry (R)
Air Raid(R)
DeVitto (Q)


Side-straddle hops – 15, grass grabbers – 10, toy soldiers -10, downward dog, left over right, right over left, right knee right elbow, left knee left elbow, cobra, and M. Phelps.

The Thang

-Birds (4 ct) x 25 and then run to stop sign at bottom of Heartbreak Hill and then back to statue
-one leg march (2 ct with butt off ground) x 25 – run to stop sign and back
-modified handstand pushup x 25 – run to stop sign and back
-one arm row x 25 each arm then run to stop sign and back
-“sprinter” lunge (touch palms to ground) x 25 – run to stop sign and back
-burpees x 25 – run to stop sign and back.

With a few minutes left, we did 20 birds, 10 burpees, and 15 gas pumps.


We did a quick count, namerama, announcements, and intentions.

I was impressed with the grit that EACH HIM displayed out there today. Heartbreak Hill should not ever be under-estimated. But each HIM pushed and struggled through it. It is the power of struggling TOGETHER that makes each of us better – individually and as a group. It allows us to attempt obstacles that we would not otherwise do, alone. I am always humbled to lead and grateful for the opportunity to be a part the F3 Brotherhood.

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