BackBlast The Fog @ The Posh 5.29.21

TLDR – 10 men woke up and chose to start their day the hard way. Bear crawl native American runs and manmakers galore. Sprinkled in with about 2 miles of running made for a great start to the holiday weekend.

1. LadyBird (R)
2. Jitterbug (R)
3. Tenderfoot
4. Leno
5. Worm
6. NattyLite
7. Stick Up
8. Bacon
9. Hot Wheels
10. Jewel – Q

COP – SSH, Toy Soldiers, DDP Merkin, Downward Dog> Runners stretch

Mosey to Meth Hill for a Bear Crawl – Indian run style. PAX hated this. Will be used again. Also – it’s hard to hold the bear crawl position for an extended period of time. Bacon reminds me of a hungry grizzly going after his first salmon after waking up from hibernation. GET OUT OF THE WAY.

Mosey back to the lodge for the real deal. I know on Memorial Day we honor those who gave their last full measure of devotion to this great nation. But I wanted to honor those HIM among us in F3 Louisville who have or are currently serving this country. I put something out on slack, and got back 7 names – Squid (US Navy), Uncle Sam (US Army), Ruby (US Navy), Flip Flop (Marine), Focker (US Army), Glowsticks (US Army), LaunchPad, and Storm Trooper (Army) (Marine). I know there are more… Col. Klink currently comes to mind. Anyway, as of me finalizing the weinke, there were 7 names… so that’s what we went with. 7 rounds of 10 manmakers. Seemed terrible on the whiteboard (psst – it was terrible)
10 manmakers – run the parking lot loop. Rinse repeat until all 7 rounds completed. Simple. Effective.
Next – 7 rounds – 10 Dips, 10 Derkins. Run the loop again.

I think most PAX got through 3-4 rounds of the Dips/ Derkins.

Time called and we circled up for announcements and intentions.

I appreciated all who came out to start their morning and weekend off with me. I say it every time – incredible group we have here. Blessed and honored to be a small part of F3.

SYITG – Jewel

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