BB-8.9.21-Motivator @ Abyss – Kitty Litter Q

A beautiful morning full of cheerful Pax (9.5 total with dog)! … at least cheerful for a few minutes. Then we got started with an “Indian Mosey” (or native-Am/indigenous whatever) running down to the boat ramp–in-line w/last-man overtaking the group in succession–as we made it back to the court for…

Thang Uno: Your basic Ladder, full of Man-Makers, Overheads, Curls, Dips, etc. The ladder was only slightly altered by the in-between runs sets– Pax had a choice of short-run with playground pull-ups (until failure…which, for me, could be counted on one hand), or a medium run down to our little “Abyss Island” (not sure if it’s ever been named).

So far so good, but then we tried to separate our torsos from our upper-limbs by way of “Bat Wings” (Martina Special?): 20×4-count EACH of…forward arm circles, backward arm circles, seal claps, overhead claps, without rest. Oh, the humanity!

HIMs finished with a Mary gut-check. –KL–

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